About Us


Here at Cole’s Vintage, we treat your car like its your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, boyfriend, husband or baby.  We own old cars too and know you want to be confident when you drive and you want to be proud to open the hood.  We understand the time, money, sweat, tears and frustration it took for you to get your car to where it is.  We’re ready to compliment it with a professionally installed wiring harness or trouble shoot any problems you’re having with your vehicle.

Some shops size you up the minute they see you, here at Cole’s Vintage we treat everyone the same and charge everyone the same as well.  We provide the same level of service to our customers in Newport Beach or Villa Park as we do for customers in Santa Ana (our home town) or Ontario.  Give us a call and see why so many of our customers are referred by friends.

Owner Jeremy Cole has been immersed in electrical and mechanical projects his whole life.

“My first memory was when I was about a year and a half old trying to get my father to pick up a slot car box that was in the gutter.  I just knew there were cars in there.  My second memory was when I was about 2 : finding a way to open the screen door to get to the open garage where my father was repairing Lionel trains.  What I learned from watching my dad were the intricacies of electric and mechanical devices and the care and respect you need to have for your customers treasures.”

Jeremy and his siblings were raised a generation behind their class mates without video games but with push cars, Schwinn Bicycles, Erector sets, Lionel trains, horses, chickens and the home before streetlight rule.  The son of two teachers, Jeremy enjoyed drafting, math and physics in high school.  After high school Jeremy served in the US Navy and is currently perusing his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Because of our background and interest in all kinds of electro-mechanical devices, Cole’s Vintage is able to layer various skill sets and trades to give our customers well functioning and good looking installations.